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Site Locator Features

Announcing Site Locator!
Now your customers can easily draw and send their site location and property boundaries to you with Site Locator. Just add one line of HTML code to any web page on your web site and you're up and running in minutes.

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First email...

Wow! Even after just a few days with your widget on my website, I definitely see the value and would easily pay double your current subscription price. As a matter of fact, while I was typing the last sentence, I just received an order through your widget from the client who thought it was "cool" ... he just paid my first three years' subscription with money to spare!

Second email...

I take that back...just ran the numbers to satisfy my curiosity...that order paid for my first 8 years and 18 days' subscription to your wonderful widget (after subtracting out direct costs on the assignment!) ... You can tell I'm a little fired up about this, can't you?

Kevin Butts
Red Wing Aerial Photography

Quick Facts

Add Site Locator to any page on your web site with one line of HTML code

Customers outline their site on the interactive Google Map

Site Locator sends an email to you with customer information and KML/GPX file attachments

Configure to accept orders and quote requests


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