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Create a Site Locator

Step 1... Create!

Complete the form and click the Create button.

Your email address and skin choice are the only required fields.
Everything else has default values if not completed.

Alternatively, you can  use our new Site Locator Manager tool to create your HTML code.

Step 2... Paste!

Paste the HTML code from this form to the point on your web page where you want to insert the widget.

Your Site Locator will operate on your web site in trial mode!  Feel free to experiment with different HTML code options, e.g. skins, Action List items, map positions, etc. until you are satisfied.

Step 3... Subscribe!

When you are satisfied with your Site Locator and are ready to go live, click here and follow the instructions on the next page to purchase your subscription.

Your email address:  
Skin (View choices...):  
Custom skin URL (Learn more...):
Initial map latitude
(Use decimal degrees. Southern hemisphere is negative, e.g. -29.5):
Initial map longitude
(Use decimal degrees. Western hemisphere is negative, e.g. -95.5):
Initial map zoom level:
Action list item 1:
Action list item 2:
Action list item 3:
Action list item 4:
Action list item 5:
Action list item 6:
Action list item 7:
Action list item 8:
Action list item 9:
Action list item 10:
Action list help URL:
Paste this code where you want the widget to appear on your web page:
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